Project duration: 2014-2017

The aim of the project is to design, implement, test and produce verified technology as the technically realized outcome, which results in prototype in a form of functional sample. The sample applies on a real scene and within the areas of crisis management in the Czech Republic. The developed simulation tools will be used during joint interoperability training of crisis staff executives, security councils, and security liaison staff with the IRS forces, in dealing with emergencies and their consequences for the energy operators of critical infrastructure. All this with the careful consideration and use of both Czech and international real legislative, standardization, training, and implementing environments, particularly with the use of methodologies, tools, procedures and maps with expert content and critical circumstances of crisis situations.

The basic tool for the promotion of crisis management in these environments will be the SIMEX simulator, designed, developed and tested in this project. Its software, communication and support means will allow real-time simulation enabling a training of required activities, carried out by participants, officials, organizations, organs, systems and units. The training solution will be tested, verified and interpreted on the virtual scene containing real geodata and models of effects and their manisfetations with maximum consideration of the requirements, procedures and real possibilities as well as capabilities of end users.